Tough stance by the junta national youth Chartered Accountants Union (Ungdcec) as a result of the announced extensions to submit health information for the compilation of the 730 pre-compiled. Below is the full press release.
Finally there was the necessary extension, even if only “mini” for sending medical data.
Going through the stages of the whole affair, the scenario is sadly the same: namely that denounced a year ago ‘start of the much-vaunted “revolution 730 precompiled”! Nothing has changed: ultratardivi measures, application difficulties and the absence of official explanations and brainy obligations discharged on the shoulders of taxpayers or intermediaries must make up for the shortcomings of the state apparatus to allow the government to make bombastic statements and slides coated!
We have heard statements such as: “aggressive sanctions”, “burdensome and onerous obligations”, “administrative disorder that damages the taxpayers”, contained in the hearing of the National Federation of the Orders of Physicians and Dentists of last November 2015!
We read of “give and take” between the Tax Agency and the Privacy Authority, on the implementing act late come to the end of July!
We joined, as always, the customer all the requirements and concerns, especially thinking of sanctions, of an obligation governed and administered with a dropper.
All this, of course, could be avoided by applying the protections provided by the Statute of the taxpayer, that would lead to identifying the first year of application of the provision in 2016, and not in 2015. Unfortunately, we are also accustomed to seeing trampled these rules!
The transmission of health data is just the beginning of the odyssey “pre 2016”.
Will expire next March 7 sending of the well known CU, which, this year, is promoted “declaration of withholding”, Part I, as the second part, with payments data, it will be presented in July.
In the name of precompiled it will be awarded to the “withholding” the primacy of the subjects of the most sanctioned of our legal system! The concern is the need to communicate in a very short topics high amount of data, aware that the error is not allowed and costs dear!
It would not perhaps be to clarify what are the relationships between the penalties provided for the declaration of withholding agents and their Cu of sanctions? Would it not be time to eliminate supersanzioni for that data retained earnings to the compilation of the precompiled? Would it not be time to realize that March 7 is an impossible deadline?
The Ungdcec notes that, one year from the beginning of the odyssey precompiled, the scenario is not changed! The obligations continue to be burdensome and costly for operators benefiting provisions, which are having to comply, in the dark, the timing dictated by the tax authorities.
The most bitter reflection is to think that in the week when we deal with how to solve sending malfunctions of health data, the Ctr Tuscany remitted to the Constitutional Court, a month after the judgment of SsUu, the “contradictory question endoprocedimentale”, in front dell’assordante silence of the legislature!
We are quite sure that the primary fiscal needs is a precompiled statement? Would it not be better to design before a more fair and understandable tax system? Would it not be better to have well-defined protections under control by the tax authorities? Would it not be better for the state and for citizens value the experience and technical skills of professionals instead of relegating them to mere deputies of the many gaps in the public administration (with a sanctions unacceptable!)?
We, young accountants, we have a very clear idea of ​​our role as professionals and what are the priorities and we are ready, as already demonstrated, in a concrete and effective collaboration with the institutions!