Why Unico24?

Because is the only one portal smart and simple that allows the Taxpayer to talk with a real professional consultant able to prepare and present tax return, which is always a difficult and complex document.

Moreover, the rate is affordable and update are continuous through the newsletter.

What is the real benefit of Unico24?
Have 24 hours from data and documentation, the tax return. But the real benefits are for years to come after you have successfully established and created a historian and an ease of use that comes from confidence and automaticity.

You just have to fill in and send the data photographed by Your desk, the rest is Unico24.

Who is the speaker of Unico24?

The Gazzani Studio and His Co-workers in the Verona headquarters, Isola della Scala, Milan and Rome, after 60 years of experience and over 50,000 sent statements bring the expertise available to the Users and the portal.

How long does it take to prepare the documentation and information to Unico24?

The five steps to fill out and attach the scanned documents takes 15 minutes.

Why do I attach the identification document Unico24?

For the respect of the rules sull’antiriciclaggio each customer who receives the service must be identified.

As my data Unico24 treated?

Unico24 is responsible for the processing of personal data, agrees not to disclose them in any way and are archived and stored.

What happens in case of a Unico24 error?

Unico24 is assured for all the mistakes and broken builds, which are derived from the correct transmission of data by the User.

Where do I go to pay for the remuneration of Unico24?

The convenient and accepted by the professional mandate expected rate, is calculated from the portal and may be paid while staying at home with your credit card, while taxes – through F24 – can be paid via home banking more from home, from the office, from your pc, tablet or smartphone.

Who sends the declaration prepared by Unico24?

Unico24 forwarding authority of the declaration once sent the F24 payments. But it will update you on all the subsequent events, such as advance payments and other obligations.